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Pascal DCT | Pascal Dynamic Contour Tonometer System 2

Pascal Dynamic Contour Tonometer System 2

Pascal DCT System 2, type R, removable from slit lamp, including main unit, one Sensor Tip, carrying case, 24 Sensor Caps and two non rechargeable batteries

Pascal Dynamic Contour Tonometer System 2

  • Direct measurement of true IOP, independent of individual variations in corneal properties
  • Measures dynamic pulsatile fluctuations in IOP permitting a more detailed assessment of the pressure range
  • Slit lamp mounted, same familiar operation as a applanation tonometer
  • Disposable tip cover prevents potential cross-contamination
  • No fluorescein stainning required for measurement
  • Numerical display of result avoids operator bias or reading error
  • Transparent tip provides for visual control of corneal interface
  • Unique single button assessment of all functions
  • 7mm diameter concave SensorTip, shaped to match corneal contour, with 1.2mm pressure sensor
  • Self-calibrating, automatic compensation of atmospheric pressure
  • IOP 5-200 mmHg; OPA>1.0mmHg (numerical precision ±0.2 mmHg) detection range, 100 Hz sampling rate; 12 bit resolution analog/digital conversion
  • ca. 3 secs up to 180 secs recording time
  • Weight: 2.1 kg
  • Length: 170 mm
  • Width: 88 mm
  • Height: 40 mm