Engineering support

Engineering support

Our ophthalmic expertise allows us to offer presale consultation, as well as reliable installation, staff training, and ongoing technical support. Whether you decide to take advantage of our onsite or remote services, our comprehensive maintenance and repair programme maximises your investment and minimises downtime

Making Light Work

In line with our ISO9001 certification, Carleton Optical is dedicated to continuous improvement and the highest quality standards for both manufacturing and support

Carleton engineers receive ongoing training for our exclusively distributed brands as well as providing servicing to an extensive range of equipment throughout the ophthalmic sector

Our service starts before your equipment is shipped, all items are pre-commissioned to ensure they are ready for immediate installation. Our trained engineers will be on hand to show key users essential operating instructions as well as meeting any specific requirements for assembly. On-site calibration tests are performed to guarantee all equipment is fully operational and ready for use

Should you require any additional or bespoke training, our dedicated sales team can arrange for this to be carried out at a time that is convenient for you
Carleton realises the importance of responding quickly to instrument breakdowns, downtime can be costly and cause disruption to your patients. When it is not possible for us to repair your equipment on site quickly and efficiently, we do our best to provide a loan unit, saving you time and reducing cost.