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Sonomed MasterVu B-Scan

Sonomed MasterVu 12 MHz B-scan probe complete with software and Sony UP D897MD printer with USB cable (without computer)

Sonomed MasterVu B-Scan

  • Most portable B-Scan available with 0.1mm resolution, on probe activation switch and advanced post-processing tools
  • On screen annotation ideal for consultation and or training and presentations, utilising both text and graphics
  • Record both video clips for playback and or the best individual images selected from the clips, image scrolling for easy access
  • Adjustable gain curve which provides the user complete control for enhanced diagnostic capability
  • Make multiple accurate measurements on a single image using the calipers or angle measurement tool
  • Horizontal and vertical scales allow for quick and easy approximate distance measurements
  • Display notes or comments directly on the saved image. Edit your notes at a later time for the most up-to-date information
  • Full 2-year warranty, simple installation and low maintenance sealed probe includes all electronics and transducer
  • 12 MHz transducer frequency with adjustable acoustic output
  • Data Acquisition: Sector scanning method, 30mm/60mm depth, 60 degree 256 lines 2000 samples/line frame, 30 fps frame rate, electronic 0.015mm resolution, clinical 0.1mm resolution, standard USB 2.0 interface
  • Display Screen: dual image screen with main overview and selected area, image annotation includes patient data, clinic, physician, date/time and eye, toolbar includes scan, play, print save, export, report and exit, controls include adjustable zoom, pan and area select, scales include horizontal and vertical 5mm markers, frames bar includes frame nuimber and count
  • Processing: brightness and contrast near/mid/far intensities, vector A-scan, measurement/angle calipers and text label tools, 256 level gray scale
  • Measurements: multiple distance/angle type, multiple calipers technique distance, multiple calipers and vertex technique angle, 0.040mm distance precision, 1/2 degree angle precision
  • Data Management: Alphabetic patient database, save individual frames or clips of up to 100 frames, export saved frames as .bmp or .jpg files and clips as .wmv files, create reports with multiple images and editable text using predefined templates
  • System Requirements: Windows XP or Vista with USB 2 connector, 17" diagonal 1280 x 1024 pixels, 24 bits/pixel, standard PC printer
  • Weight: 11 3g
  • Length: 17.8 mm
  • Width: 3.2 mm