B Scan | Sonomed MasterVu B-Scan

Sonomed MasterVu B-Scan

Portable USB B-scan includes 12MHz B-probe, Software (flash drive), USB Cable and Carry Case

Sonomed MasterVu B-Scan

  • Capture both still images and video clips with frame-by-frame review
  • On-probe activation and capture of scans
  • 12 MHz focused transducer probe, sealed with virtually no sound
  • Near-, mid-, and far-gain and TVG controls
  • Live B-scan display with simultaneous selectable A-scan vector
  • On-screen annotation capabilities, including measurements
  • Continuous zoom and controlled image pan


  • Transducer Frequency: 12MHz
  • On-Probe Activation Switch


  • Adjustable Zoom, Pan and Area Select
  • Brightness and Contrast Control
  • Near/Mid/Far Gain Control
  • On-Screen Annotation

Data Acquisition and Display:

  • Scanning Method: Sector
  • Frame: 60°, 256 lines, 2000 Samples/Line
  • Frame Rate: 30 fps (max)
  • Adjustable Acoustic Output for Improved Penetration
    • (Scan Depth: 30 60mm)
  • Capture Frames: (.bmp or .jpg) or Video
    • Clips up to 100 Frames (.wmv)
  • 256 Levels Gray Scale


  • Distance: Multiple Callipers
  • Precision: 0.046mm
  • Angle: Multiple Callipers & Vertex
  • Precision: 1/2°


  • Electronic: 0.015MM (max)
  • Clinical: 0.1mm

Data Management

  • Frames (.bmp or .jpg)
  • Video Clips up to 100 Frames (.wmv)