Microscopes | Takagi OM-19 Operating Microscope

Takagi OM-19 Operating Microscope

The world’s first surgical microscope with independent light intensity adjustment for coaxial and red-reflex illumination to suit each patient case and surgeons unique preference.

High-performance LED surgical microscope combining ‘visualising’ with ‘ease of use’.

Takagi OM-19 Operating Microscope

Tiltable Binocular Tubes

• Tiltable binocular tubes with an incline of more than 90º to suit the height and posture of the operating surgeon.

Movable range: 0º (straight) to 90º (inclined).

• High-grade high-eyepoint multi-coated eyepieces delivering a bright and sharp view.


Easy-to-see Operation Panel


• Light intensity for coaxial and red-reflex illumination can be adjusted separately.

• Focus, zoom, and X-Y speed are independently adjustable.

• Automatic X-Y and focus centering can be performed at the touch of a button.


Foot Controller


• Light intensity for coaxial and red-reflex illumination can be adjusted separately.

• Focus, zoom, and X-Y speed are independently adjustable.

• Automatic X-Y and focus centering can be performed at the touch of a button.



Microscope Head Tilting Mechanism


•By adopting a fine movement interlock system, the microscope head tilts back and forth easily, necessary in the application of glaucoma surgery, with a movable range of around 30º each way.


Safety Stop Mechanism


•Safety stop mechanism equipped as standard, where the lowest arm position can be set according to the height of the operating table, critical during VR procedures.


New Optics


• New red reflex illumination system providing extremely bright reflected light from the fundus, allowing Surgeons to perform cataract surgery with ease.

• By adopting a standard objective lens of F=200 mm, the working distance is optimized for vitreoretinal surgery.

• 10x magnification eyepieces bring a wider, brighter, and sharper view with a larger depth of focus.


Light Source


The Independent LED Light Sources


• Light intensity for red-reflex illumination & coaxial illumination can be adjusted separately due to their fully independent light sources.




High-Illumination LED


• Bright and sharp high-luminance LED having excellent colour balance, giving a much brighter reflected light from the fundus in combination with the new red reflex illumination optical


Blue Light Reduction


• With the blue correction filter, the projected light is soft and easy on the patient’s eye by reducing the peak of the characteristic blue wavelength of LED.


Assistant Microscope Options


Rotating Coaxial Stereoscopic Assistant’s Microscope


Rotating Coaxial Stereoscopic Assistant’s Microscope

• Stereoscopic view available also through the assistant’s microscope.

• 180˚ continuous rotation through right and left directions whilst mounted.

• Magnification adjusted manually in three steps.

• Tiltable binocular tubes equipped as standard, which can incline more than 90˚.

*Red reflex image through the assistant’s microscope is different than the main surgeons view, the red reflex illumination is optimized for the main surgeon’s optics.


Fixed Coaxial Monoscopic Assistant’s Microscope


• Providing the same coaxial image and red reflex illumination as the main surgeon.

Mounted using the O11-03 Beam splitter, with the optics in/out switching lever, ideal when 100% light is required by the main surgeon.


C-mount Adapter


• CCD camera system can be mounted using O11-03 Beam splitter and O08-22 or O08-11 C-mount camera adaptor for integration with surgical video documentation systems.

• O08-11 is equipped with an adjustable aperture for regulating light, O08-22 comes with a fixed aperture.


Various Options


Monitor Arm & Camera Control Rack


• LCD monitor can be mounted on the upper microscope arm with O06-29 Monitor arm.

• Camera control unit can be mounted on the lower microscope pole with O06-30 Camera control rack.


Fundus Observation Devices Adaptations


• Oculus BIOM and Haag Streit EIBOS adaptations are available.

MicroscopeMagnification Changer Motorised zoom type (zoom ratio 1:6)
Eyepieces10x (high-eyepoint & wide field) 
BinocularsTiltable Binocular Tubes F=170mm
Total magnifications3.4x to 20.4x
Real fields of viewφ58.8mm to φ9.8mm
Focusing stroke50mm (with centering function)
X-Y movement stroke±25mm in each direction (with centering function)
IlluminationSystemDirect illumination
Light sourceLED
Field of illuminationφ60mm
Field of red reflex illuminationφ20mm
Illumination control9 steps
FiltersHeat-absorbing, Blue Correction, Yellow, RetinaShield
Arm, baseMountFloor stand
Maximum arm extension1260mm
Arm vertical stroke500mm
Base size700mm × 740mm
Power consumption110VA
Power supplyAC 100-230V, 50/60Hz