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Direct Ophthalmoscopes | HEINE BETA® 200 Retinoscope Head

  • HEINE BETA® 200 Retinoscope Head
  • HEINE BETA® 200 Retinoscope Head

The BETA 200 Retinoscope with ParaStop features the latest multi-coated optics for an exceptionally bright fundus reflex and easier detection of the neutralization point. ParaStop was developed by HEINE for the easy, precise selection of a parallel illumination beam. ParaStop simplifies and speeds up the precise detection of cylinder axis. ParaStop also simplifies the verification of the cylinder correction after refraction.

HEINE BETA® 200 Retinoscope Head

  • ParaStop. Precise, easy selection of a parallel beam.
  • Ergonomic shape. Protects the examine`s orbita from stray light.
  • XHL Xenon Halogen Technology. Bright, white light. Bright fundus reflex, easy recognition of neutralization point.
  • Streak or spot Retinoscope. Simply by changing the bulb.
  • Metal controls. Long-lasting.
  • Single control for vergence and rotation. Comfortable operation.
  • Dustproof. Maintenance-free.
  • Integrated polarisation filter. Eliminates stray light and internal reflexes for a brighter pupilling reflex.
  • Orange filter (optional). Reduces patient dazzle without affecting the fundus reflex.
  • Detachable brow rest. Increased comfort and control during examination.
  • Holder for fixation cards (optional). For dynamic retinoscopy.