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Tono-Pen Handheld Tonometers | Tono-Pen Ocu-Film®+ Tip Covers

  • Tono-Pen Ocu-Film®+ Tip Covers
  • Tono-Pen Ocu-Film®+ Tip Covers

Genuine Brand Ocu-Film+ tip covers are the only Reichert approved covers for use with Tono-Pen tonometers. Ocu-Film+ tip covers protect your Tono-Pen tonometers from dust and fluids, and help protect patients from the risks of cross contamination. Ocu-Film+ tip covers are 100% hand inspected by trained technicians and then sanitized.

Tono-Pen Ocu-Film®+ Tip Covers

Ocu-Film+ tip covers were carefully developed as an integral part of the design specifications for Tono-Pen tonometers to ensure maximum measurement accuracy and reliability. Using genuine brand Reichert Ocu-Film+ tip covers guarantees you are using a disposable tip cover that is specifically engineered for maximum performance of your Tono-Pen.

Using non-Reichert tip covers could cause damage to your Tono-Pen and void the warranty, necessitating expensive repair costs. In addition, non-Reichert tip covers could potentially cause the Tono-Pen to give erratic readings. Reichert has an exclusive contract with a quality; validated latex supplier to bring you a custom made tip cover that provides dependable performance and function with each measurement. It is important to have a consistent thickness at the transducer tip area so that the tip cover does not affect the IOP measurement; this supplier is able to maintain this thickness, unlike some other tip cover brands.

Protect your Tono-Pen investment and your patients by only using blue Reichert Ocu-Film+ tip covers.