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Takagi UN-15 Motorised Chair

Takagi UN-15 motorised chair (motorised height adjustment, manual recline)

Takagi UN-15 Motorised Chair

  • Examination chair and treatment bed combination
  • Pneumatic-assisted manual recline mechanism uses patient weight for effortless patient adjustments
  • Recline capability includes both flat and partial, seat-back-only recline
  • Single-handed headrest with unique locking mechanism assures firm secure positioning
  • Foot-activated rotation lock
  • Elevation by power hydraulic pump moter and 60° pnuematic-assisted manual reclining angle
  • 250° rotating angle
  • Up to 150kg load
  • Weight: 110 kg
  • Length: 660 mm
  • Width: 1510 mm
  • Height: 1005 mm