Carleton Optical - Optopol Copernicus+ SOCT Spectral Domain OCT System


SOCT | Optopol Copernicus+ SOCT Spectral Domain OCT System

Optopol Copernicus+ SOCT Spectral Domain OCT System

Copernicus+ SOCT Spectral Domain OCT system comprising main consle, SOCT Copernicus software, PC with 22" monitor, HP inkjet printer and table

Optopol Copernicus+ SOCT Spectral Domain OCT System

  • 5µm resolution, mand 27,000 A-scans
  • Doppler analysis module increases capability to examine the retinal vascular system with new flow velocity estimation, in vivo measurements of blow flow and maps of velocity distribution
  • Improved progression analysis, blood vessels recognition system, chorioretinal and vitreoretinal scanning modes
  • User friendly software designed in cooperation with graphic studio with new 3D visualisation and new tools, enhanced preview and enlarged degree of freedom
  • Improved image recognition mechanisms using new algorithms core
  • Patented automated calibration system and retina tracking system
  • Result comparison module that offers user customised printouts, retina and RNFL volume maps, scan quality index and multi-lingual user interface
  • Anterior segment module allows cornea and anterior segment imaging with a resolution of 5 microns
  • Powerful glaucoma module, Disk damage likelihood scale, symmetry analysis, and progression analysis
  • Technology: spectral domain OCT
  • Measurement mode: single B-scan, 3D mode, Asterisk, Animation scan, user defined scan parameters
  • Fixation: internal and external fixations
  • Light source wavelength: 830 nm, 50 nm half bandwidth
  • Axial resolution: 5 µm Transversal resolution: 12-18 µm
  • Axial scanning window: 2 mm
  • Examination speed: 27.000 A scans per second
  • B scan width: 10 mm
  • Maximum number of A scans per B scans: 10.500
  • Minimum pupil diameter for measurement: 3 mm
  • Analysis: Retina: Retina thickness, Retina volume, RNFL thickness, RNFL volume, RPE deformation, IS/OS thickness Glaucoma: RNFL, ONH morphology, DDLS Anterior: Pachymetry, LASIK flap, Angle Assessment
  • Length: 520 mm
  • Width: 680 mm
  • Height: 640 mm