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There is so much to discover inside the eye. And often tiny details can make a big difference. That’s why Heine provides you with the best optics, the sharpest image, and reliable colours. Along with the capability to explore the whole retina, including the far periphery. This way, the optimal care or treatment for the patient can be determined, based on a diagnosis that is as accurate as possible.

This is why they have developed the HEINE OMEGA 600®, based on valuable physicians’ input.

New: visionBOOST for cataract patients. More confidence in the diagnosis when examining patients with media opacities. Proven to deliver up to 20% better view of the retina in patients with cataracts*: no matter what circumstances – always the ideal working brightness for both the patient and the user.

And there is even more: The new HEINE OMEGA 600 is the lightest high-end indirect ophthalmoscope. The new, extremely compact lithium-polymer battery is a true lightweight that delivers absolute top performance. With all cables and electronics integrated into the new headband, this ophthalmoscope is the state of the art. So discovering more has been made even more comfortable.

Try the new HEINE OMEGA 600 for yourself. But be careful: once you put it on, you will never want to take it off …


NEW HEINE OMEGA 600® Indirect Ophthalmoscope

The NEW high-end indirect ophthalmoscope

“Discover more with less weight”

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