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IRIDEX in cooperation with Carleton Optical: MicroPulse® P3 Symposium at The Landmark Hotel, London

Carleton Optical in partnership with IRIDEX held an outstandingly successful early evening symposium on innovative cyclophotocoagulation with Micropulse® P3 technology at The Landmark Hotel in London last night.

The meeting was chaired and introduced by Professor Phil Bloom of The Western Eye Hospital, who also spoke about the history of transscleral cyclophotocoagulation focussing on the inflow and outflow debate.

This was complimented by an equally interesting presentation by Mr Sheng Lim of St. Thomas’ Hospital who concentrated on Micropulse® cyclophotocoagulation mode of action.

Then Dr Marc T├Âteberg-Harms of University Hospital Zurich presented his wealth of experience in profiling and treating patients. His take home message being “ The Micropulse® procedure delivers much less pain than patients previously experienced with previous versions, lowers IOP to safe target pressures and it does not cause cyclodestruction”. Many of his patients are opting for the MP3 cyclophotocoagulation procedure over incisional glaucoma procedures.

CYCLO G6™ G-Probe™

The patented CYCLO G6™ G-Probe™ device is used to deliver laser energy for the treatment of glaucoma.

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IRIDEX Cyclo G6™

The Cyclo G6 laser system is dedicated specifically to treat patients diagnosed with a range of glaucoma disease states and features Micropulse® tissue-sparing technology.

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