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Retinal Camera | Canon CF-1 Mydriatic Retinal Camera

  • Canon CF-1 Mydriatic Retinal Camera
  • Canon CF-1 Mydriatic Retinal Camera
  • Canon CF-1 Mydriatic Retinal Camera

Versatile 50° Mydriatic Retinal Camera with Colour, Fluorescein Angiography & Red-Free Photography Modes

Canon CF-1 Mydriatic Retinal Camera

  • Canon EOS series SLR digital imaging technology for the highest quality ophthalmic images
  • 50 degree angle of view for easier alignment and focussing, even with smaller pupil sizes
  • Colour, red-free, fluorescein angiography (standard) & stereo (optional) photography modes
  • 2x digital magnification with the push of one button in a fraction of the time
  • Pan and tilt reducing need for patients to change their gaze 
  • Easy alignment and focus with the alignment slits and working distance dots
  • Ergonomic control panel, motorised chin-rest, compact, streamlined design
  • Small pupil function
  • Streamlined workflow and straightforward control software
  • Software can be used as a stand-alone system or integrated into an existing clinic network or DICOM-compliant network system
  • Type: Digital retinal camera (mydriatic)
  • Photography modes: Colour, FA, red-free, stereo (optional)
  • Angle of view: 50 degrees, 43 degrees (2x digital magnification)
  • Minimum pupil size: ø 5.2mm (in SP mode: ø 4.3mm)
  • Optical image size on the sensor: ø 15.1mm x 13.7mm
  • Available digital cameras: Canon EOS digital SLR camera
  • Resolution: Effective pixel count depends on model of attached camera
  • Focussing method: Split lines adjustment
  • Distance adjustment: Working distance dots
  • Working distance: 35mm
  • Patients diopter: Without compensation lens: -10 to +15D. With "-" compensation lens: -7 to -31D. With "+" lens: +11 to +33D
  • Light source: Halogen lamp for observation, xenon tube for photography
  • Eye fixation lamp: external type (standard), internal type (optional)
  • Range of base movement: Forward/backward: 65mm, right/left: 110mm, up/down: 30mm
  • Panning range: 30 degrees to each side (right/left)
  • Tilting range: Upward: 15 degrees, downward: 10 degrees
  • Power supply: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz 7-3A
  • Power Consumption: Normal:approx. 100 VA, maximum: 720 VA
  • Weight: 26 kg
  • Length: 320 mm
  • Width: 531 mm
  • Height: 566 mm