Pachymetry | Sonomed PacScan 300AP+ Combination A-Scan Pachymeter

Sonomed PacScan 300AP+ Combination A-Scan Pachymeter

Sonomed Pacscan 300AP+ combined A-scan / ultrasonic pachymeter including standard 10 MHz A scan probe, 20 MHz Straight Pachymetry Probe, integral printer, colour LCD display, coupling gel and printer paper

Sonomed PacScan 300AP+ Combination A-Scan Pachymeter

  • Software algorithms and advanced hardware designs enable quick and easy examinations of all eye types
  • High frequency and low noise electronics provide precise measuring performance of ACD lens thickness and axial distances
  • USB for EMR Archiving and SD Disk for patient data storage,
  • Built-in probe holders, built-in thermal printer, probe storage compartment, individual probe connectors
  • 10mm calibration cylinder
  • High contrast colour LCD with user friendly graphical interface and 5 programmable user profiles
  • Direct contact probe allows immersion or slit lamp mounted application in a seated position
  • Optional soft touch probe allows hand-held scans with minimal corneal compression. Optional 45 degree angled probe allows scans when patient is in supine position


  • A-scan clinical accuracy to ± 0.1mm and electrical accuracy to ±0.05µm
  • Pachymeter accuracy better than 5 microns, electronic accuracy to ±1 microns
  • Refractive: Binkhorst, Regression-II, Theoretic-T, Holladay and Hoffer-Q Haigis IOL formulas; Post refractive: Latkany Myopic, Latkany Hyperopic, Aramberri Double-K, Comparative IOL calculations for up to 8 lenses
  • A-Scan: ACD, lens, vitreous, axial, average axial, standard deviation, individual zone velocities, automatic sensing algorithm, measure review, auto claibration; Pachymetry: Adjustable corneal velocity, automatic sensing algorithm, measure review, 64 Scans averaged with standard devisation, internal accuracy test, autocalibration
  • A-Scan: Direct contact, immersion, cataract, dense cataract, aphakic, pseudophakic and 4-gate manual examination modes; Pachymetry: Single point single scan and multiscan, 5 points single scan and multiscan, CCT, IOP correction and calibration
  • A-Scan: Lens calculations in 0.25D increments, 10-lens database, 10MHz direct contact probe, Pachymetry: 125-1000µm, 20MHz direct contact probe
  • High-resolution backlit LCD display
  • Weight: 2.7 kg
  • Length: 178 mm
  • Width: 216 mm
  • Height: 254 mm