Consultation Furniture | UFSK surgiForce Surgeons Chair

  • UFSK surgiForce Surgeons Chair
  • UFSK surgiForce Surgeons Chair

Sophisticated engineering, design and function down to the smallest detail.

An amazing range of armrest adjusting functions to support each of the surgeon‘s arm movements

Turn it, tilt it, rotate it, extend it - with the greatest of ease!

Ultra-precise navigation within the operating field, sterile operation, and a comfortable, non-fatiguing work environment - for a workflow worthy being rated"Premium deluxe".

UFSK surgiForce Surgeons Chair

Armrests left and right, electro-mechanic height adjustment via foot control element. One-hand operated release mechanism for direct and precise adjustment in all directions.

Central brake acting on 4 wheels.

Battery operation for power supply-independent use.

Cast-aluminium lightweight chassis featuring double casters and a central brake provides maximum stability and at the same time unlimited mobility.

Both seat and armrest height adjustment is effected electronically via the foot control element.

Premium upholstery with a subdued matte gloss effect; glue-less, seamless, abrasion-resistant, tear-resistant, disinfectant-resistant, easy to clean; standard black colour - 56024 (Stamskin top)

Equipped with 360-degree rotating, smooth-running dual-wheel casters, the surgeon‘s stool can be easily pushed around and manoeuvred and saves spaces in out-patient operating theatres.

Ergonomically shaped push handles for easy manoeuvring.

"Dynamic" seating system supports correct sittings posture while protecting your back.

Lifting Column

- Lifting height of the seat           200 mm

- Lifting height of the armrests   130 mm

- Electromotive adjustment via the foot control elements


- w x l x h max. (Incl. armrests): 752 x 861 x 1150 mm


- Wheels:                                             ø 100 mm

- 5. Wheel:                                           ø 65 mm

- Central brake acting on all four wheels

- Emergency stop button

Battery unit

- Lead-gel battery, 2 ea.                12 V, 2.9 A

- Universal battery charger:

- Input:                                            100 – 240 V

- Output:                                         24 V

Seating system: Comfort (Dynamic)

- Min. sitting height:                       590 mm (620 mm)

- Max. sitting height:                      790 mm (820 mm)

- Seat position adjustment (forward/back) 120 mm

- Seat/Back adjusting -3°/+3°/-5°/+5°(-6°/+3°)

- Upholstery Periline (Stamskin top)

- Standard colour black (black)

Weight 74 kg

Max. Load 150 kg

Subject to technical modifications.