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  • UFSK eyeForce Patient Chair
  • UFSK eyeForce Patient Chair

e-Drive system for effortless and rapid movement of the chair over long distances. The new optional e-drive system consists of a 5th wheel with drive motor. It serves as a pushing aid for easy forward and backward movement – with an extra range of 2 kilometers per battery charge.
The system's operation is identical to that of the "Steering Guide" system, via the respective push handles with potentiometer for infinite speed adjustment. It is possible to integrate the system any time at a later date.
Powerful yet gentle.

UFSK eyeForce Patient Chair

- Mains-independent operation thanks to powerful and environmentally friendly batteries (lasting between 35 and 40 surgery cycles), quickly exchangeable via drawer in case of emergencies
- Up and down swiveling foot control via two 4-way joysticks plus activation switch allow sensitive chair adjustment even after the surgeon is already aseptic
- Manual keypad with five individually programmable memo positions, reset button and auto-run function
- The 3-D and longitudinally adjustable headrest element with head molding ensure safe and correct positioning of the patient's head
- With equipotential bonding connection
- Lightweight travel gear made of cast aluminum with four fully rotating doublerun castors for easy rolling motion even on bumpy surfaces
- Optimized controlled handling of the chair by only a single person thanks to the electronically controlled barking system with “Steering Guide” function
- Push handles at the head and foot ends
- Activation / deactivation of the “Steering Guide” at the head and foot ends via manual keypad or micro-switches at the push handles
- Electronic wheel brake acting on four wheels
- The extension system prevents the patient from sliding down the chair
- Very low access height

- Outside length 895 mm
- Outside width 662 mm
- Brake system acting on all four wheels
- Directional wheel guidance (“Steering Guide”), easily activated at the push of a button
- Caster diameter, electrically conductive ΓΈ 150 / 100 mm
- Foot control Joystick (total up / down, head up / down, back up / down, Trendelenburg up / down)
- Emergency stop
- Optional traction drive (e-Drive)

Lifting Column
- Max. lifting force: 230 mm
- Max. patient weight 250 kg
- Max. lifting speed 8 mm / s
- Max. lifting force 1 x 6.000 N
- Back- / footrest section 2 x 4.000 N
- Headrest section 4.000 N
- Seat Trendelenburg 4.000 N
- Protection category IP 20
- Ambient temperature range - 20 to + 60° C

Upper Frame
- 4-part support frame (head, back, seat, foot)
- Length 1.850 – 2.000mm
- Width 650 mm
- Backrest adjustment (in relation to the seating surface) 0° – 75,8°
- Footrest adjustment (in relation to the seating surface) 0° – 78,3°
- Headrest – stepless adjustment of length and angle - 31° / + 18,5°
- Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg - 23,7° / + 8,4°
- Height adjustment range 607 – 837 mm
- Standard stainless steel side rails on both sides 25 x 10 mm
- R emovable 40-mm upholstery, also available in an electrically
conductive version – Medistat black
- Stamskin Top colors see color chart

Electronic Control
- Hand control with 5 individually programmable memory positions
auto-run function
reset button
Battery unit
- 2 batteries (lead-fleece), pollution free, maintenance-free,
cadmium-free AIM
- Nominal capacity 12 Ah
- Rated voltage 2 x 12 V
- Fuse 1 x 20 A

Operating Time Per Battery Charge
- Measured by operating circle (Prepare-Operate-Recover) 35 – 40 OP´s
- Quantity of operating circles depends on individual operation

Electromotive Drives
- Head, back, seat, foot, total up / down
- Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg

Hand control
- Microprocessor controlled, wear-free
- Visual battery level indicator
- 5 programmable presets
- auto-run function
- Lifting system Mono
- Memory controller with 10 buttons for head-, back-, seat-, leg –
total up / down; 2 buttons for wheel direction control, 1 button for
electronic brake, 1 easy entry button, memory button, on-off button,
auto-run function

Max. Load 250 kg

Weight 165 kg