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  • Takagi OM-18 Operating Microscope
  • Takagi OM-18 Operating Microscope

Takagi OM-18 Operating Microscope

  • Compact operating microscope: suspension arm has been moved to the side of the microscope, opening up the operating surgeon’s front field of view
  • Motorized zoom magnification changer used in the OM-18 Operating Microscope, with its diverse magnification ranging from 4.6x to 27.4x, guarantees a strain-free operating environment.
  • Diverse illumination optics - red reflex illumination IN/OUT switching mechanism and 6° Illumination IN/OUT Mechanism Protection against phototoxicity
  • Built-in filters that shield photo damage - causing wavelengths to protect the patient’s retina against phototoxicity
  • UV filter, blue-cut filter, heat-absorbing filter & retina shield filter
  • Apochromatic correction: the OM-18 has reduced chromatic halos and fringing, further improving resolution and contrast Surgeon-friendly tiltable binocular tubes with converging optics
  • Improved transportability and excellent arm storage
  • Optional: Coaxial stereoscopic microscope for assistant, Beam splitter / TV Camera adaptor, Video beam splitter, Oculus SDI/BIOM 3 and 4 adaptations are available for OM-18
  • Magnification changer: Motorized zoom type (zoom ratio 1:6)
  • Objective: F=175mm (apochromatic corrected optics)
  • Eyepieces: 12.5x?high-eyepoint & wide field?
  • Binoculars: Tiltable binoculars with converging optics F=160mm
  • Total magnifications: 4.6x to 27.4x
  • Real field of view : Ø49.2mm to Ø8.2mm
  • Focusing stroke: 50mm (with centering function)
  • X-Y movement stroke: ±25mm in each direction(with centering function)
  • Illumination
  • System: Cold light coaxial illumination by fibre light guide
  • Light source: 15V 150W halogen lamp
  • Field of illumination: Ø55mm
  • Field of red reflex illumination: Ø15mm
  • Illumination control: Continuous adjustment
  • Filters: Heat-absorbing, UV (permanent feature built-in), Blue-cut Cobalt Blue, Retina Shield (for protection of the retina)
  • Weight: 160 kg
  • Length: 740 in
  • Width: 700 in
  • Height: 1715 in