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Surgical Beds | UFSK 500XLE Daycase mobile operating table

UFSK 500XLE Daycase mobile operating table

UFSK 500XLE(A) Daycase mobile operating table with remote handset, 4 position memory function (3 programmable), surgeon foot control and manually operated brakes / steering

UFSK 500XLE Daycase mobile operating table

  • Soft, fast and direct memory-position access with three programmable chair positions and one separate entry button
  • Ergonomic sitting and lying with solid armrests as 'chair assistance' and multi-directional adjustable head rest for almost all necessary positions
  • Run on independent batteries, exchangeable for continuous work
  • Detachable undercover foot control, continuously variable electronic adjustment of the head, back, seat and leg
  • Levers for breaking or wheel direction adjustment, double rimmed castors for safe standing position and excellent driving characteristics
  • Optimised to deliver the perfect surgery position at the push of a button
  • Available in a restricted, mobile version for excellent stability during surgery
  • Uncomplicated maintenance and amazing cost-performance ratio
  • Chassis: frame profie 90 x 50mm, zinc-plated and double powder-coated according to RAL, screws in chrome-nickel-steel (CNS), central brake on both sides, working on four wheels, two of them have independently adjustable wheel direction, double rimmed castors Ø125mm
  • Motors: head power 3000N lifting 24mm length 402mm, back power 6000N lifting 123mm length 333mm, seat power 3000N lifting 202mm length 395mm, leg power 6000N lifting 100mm length 345mm, height adjustment power 6000N lifting 300mm length 467mm
  • Control: All components according to IPX4, integrated lead-gel-accumulators 2 x 12V 7.2Ah, as backup system exchangable without tools, emergency stop button
  • Hand control: IC, separate driving of the motors each up/down, three free programmable memory positions, one reset button as entry button
  • UC foot control: Detachable, for continuously variable height adjustment of head and total height
  • Detachable, swiveling, running along arm rests completely PU foamed, all touchable metal parts connected to the earth connection, detachable seat part for service friendly access to electric components
  • 250kg maximum load
  • Weight: 135 kg
  • Length: 830 mm
  • Width: 1950 mm