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SMT Retina 90 Lens

SMT Retina 90 Lens

The Sensor Single-use Retina 90 Lens offers a 1.0x magnified view of the retina within the region of the arcades. It is primarily designed to facilitate the diagnosis and treatment of diabetic eye disease and age-related macular degeneration (ARMD).

This lens offers a view that is both detailed and wide field allowing visualization and treatment without the need to calculate the magnification change to the image, optic nerve or laser spot size. This lens has a custom anti-reflective coating and can be used with all lasers.

The Sensor Retina 90 lens has an image magnification of 1.0x which produces a laser spot magnification of 1.0x. The field of view is 90° when static and 120° if used dynamically.