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SMT Retina 130 Lens

SMT Retina 130 Lens

The Sensor Single-use Retina 130 Lens offers a wide-angle view within the region of the equator. With an indirect image magnification of 0.65x it provides a high definition, broad field view of the fundus without the limiting geometry of mirrors.

The lens is used to treat diabetic eye disease; panretinal photocoagulation (PRP) and peripheral retina, and also ARMD.

Simultaneous visualization of the posterior pole and arcades provides optimum orientation during examination and treatment. Further, the specially designed optics minimize image distortion and the associated therapeutic laser distortion in the periphery. This lens has a custom anti-reflective coating and can be used with all lasers.

The lens has an image magnification of 0.65x which produces a laser spot magnification of 1.55x. The field of view is 165° static and 180° dynamic.