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  • Katena 3 Mirror Lens
  • Katena 3 Mirror Lens

Katena 3 Mirror Lens

The Katena Single-use 3 Mirror Lens is a general-purpose lens that has a central optic for viewing the posterior pole and mirrors for viewing/treating the anterior chamber angle, peripheral and arcades regions. This lens has a custom anti-reflective coating and can be used with all lasers.
Central axis viewing (no mirror employed) allows examination of the fundus/posterior pole with an approximate 30° field of view. The 73° mirror provides a view of the arcades region outside the posterior pole. The 67° mirror allows examination of the peripheral fundus and the 59° mirror allows access to the angle.
The 3 Mirror lens has an image magnification of 0.93x which produces a laser spot magnification of 1.08x.