Slit Lamps and Ophthalmic Lenses

Upper Illumination (Haag-Type) | Takagi 30GL LED Slit Lamp

  • Takagi 30GL LED Slit Lamp
  • Takagi 30GL LED Slit Lamp
  • Takagi 30GL LED Slit Lamp
  • Takagi 30GL LED Slit Lamp
  • Takagi 30GL LED Slit Lamp

This innovative, neat and compact design will set a new standard in ophthalmic imaging.  Engineered to accommodate the new superior LED lamp along with the new sleek look eliminating exposed cables.

For further information on this new and innovative LED slit lamp, or to place an order please contact us on: 01494 775811.

Takagi 30GL LED Slit Lamp

  • Innovative Design: No cables are exposed, the power supply cable is completely concealed.
  • Enhanced usability through ergonomic design.
  • Designed to accommodate new LED lamp providing brighter and sharper light that is softer on patients’ eyes by reducing the peak of the characteristic blue band spectrum of LED.
  • Extended slit length to allow the illumination of a wider area of the anterior segment.
  • Renewed Product Colour


  •     Type: Greenough type stereoscopic binocular microscope.
  •     Magnification Change: Two position revolving objective.
  •     Eyepieces: 10x, 16x
  •     Total magnification:10x, 16x, 25x (25x when 16x eyepieces are in use)
  •     Real field of view:    φ18, φ11.25mm (when 10x eyepieces are in use)

                                       φ15, φ9.3mm (when 16x eyepieces are in use)

  •     Interpupillary adjustment: 52mm-82mm
  •     Diopter adjustment range: +/-8 diopters (with 10x eyepieces) / +/-10 diopters (with 16x eyepieces)

Cross-Slide Base

  •     Horizontal (coarse) movement: 105mm
  •     Horizontal (fine) movement: 15mm
  •     Vertical movement: +/- 15mm

Chinrest Unit

  •     Elevation stroke: 95mm
  •     Slit width: 0-14mm continuously variable
  •     Aperture diaphragm: φ14, φ10, φ5, φ3, V2, V1, φ0.2mm

Illumination Unit

  •     Filters: Blue filter, Red free filter, Blue correction filter, Yellow filter
  •     Light source: LED
  •     Power supply: AC100V - 240V (+/- 10%)
  •     Power consumption: DC5V 2A

Fixation Light Unit

  • Fixation light source: Red LED



  •     12.5Kg