Carleton Optical - Takagi MT-364 Synoptophore

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Synoptophores and Exophthalmometers | Takagi MT-364 Synoptophore

Takagi MT-364 Synoptophore

Takagi MT-364 Synoptophore without instrument table

Takagi MT-364 Synoptophore

  • Outstanding durability and substantial functions:
  • All devices are arranged for easy handling and a new wide Haidinger’s brushes’ device rotation range and wider automatic flashing count range are provided. Performance is further enhanced with the stepless diaphragm for field adjustment and in combination with other devices such as the half mirror head, etc.
  • Examination, Exercise and Correction Capability:
  • Simultaneous perception, fusion, stereopsis, vergence, retinal correspondence, monocular position, single eye fixation examination, removal of suppression, strengthened fusion, eyeball exercise and correction of retina.
  • Pupil Adjusting Distance: Hemispherical projection perimeter
  • Chinrest Height (from eyepiece tube): 90 degrees (temporal) / 70 degrees (superior/inferior)
  • Slides: 300 mm (spherical radius)
  • Automatic Flashing Device: 31.5 asb
  • Manual Flashing Device: 1000asb
  • Stepless Diaphragm: Variable in 4 steps at 0.0315, 0.10, 0.315 and 1.00
  • Haidinger’s brushes’ device: 1/16, 1/4, 1, 4, 16 and 64 mm2
  • Target Illuminating Lamp: 0 to 2,000 asb
  • After Image Lamp: 6V, 4.35A (stimulus)