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Takagi LM-10DX Lensmeter

Takagi LM-10DX Lensmeter with prism compensator

Takagi LM-10DX Lensmeter

  • A wide viewfield and a high eyepoint eyepiece enable easy examination
  • Improved internal reading system assures easy measurement
  • Green filter enables high-precision measurement
  • Cross-line pinhole type target enables accurate measurement
  • Lightweight, space saving
  • Prism compensator increases prismatic power reading
  • Measurement range: ±25D vertex power in 0.125 steps up to ±3D and 0.25 steps beyond ±3D, 0 to 180° axis in 1°steps, 5? prism in a viewfield, 20? with a compensator in 1? steps, 30-90mm lens diameter in 2mm steps
  • Cross-line pinhole type target with tilting angle from 30°~90° with eyepiece focusing to±6D
  • Standard prism compensator
  • Weight: 4.9 kg
  • Length: 380 mm
  • Width: 403 mm
  • Height: 180 mm