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Autorefractors and Keratometers | Takagi KM-1 LED Keratometer

  • Takagi KM-1 LED Keratometer
  • Takagi KM-1 LED Keratometer

Takagi KM-1 LED Keratometer

Takagi KM-1 LED Keratometer

  • The light source changed from a conventional electric bulb type to an LED type which decreases CO2 emission and also reduces the electric power consumption.


  • The Sutcliff type KM-1 can easily measure the radius of curvature, astigmatic axis of the eye, etc.
  • The outstanding double external reading helps to read radius of curvature and refractive power at the same time.
  • The radius of corneal curvature, refractive power of cornea, and extent and axis of corneal astigmatism can be measured.
  • The KM-1 can be set up very easily on any type of instrument table because the base is integrated.
Keratometer Type: Sutcliff
Measuring range
Radius of corneal curvature:       6.5 to 9.4mm
Minimum reading:                      0.05mm
Corneal refractive power:           35.875 to 52D
Minimum reading:                      0.125D
Axis of corneal astigmatism:      0 to 180°
Minimum reading:                      5°
Power:                                       AC 100V - 240V
Power consumption:                  5VA
Weight:                                      13.1kg
Dimensions:                               360(W) x 505(H) x 445(D)mm
Movement range
Vertical:                                      28mm
Horizontal:                                 110mm
Back and forth:                           76mm
Vertical movement of chin-rest: 78mm