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Bon Optic Retinomax 3 handheld autorefractor

Bon Optic Retinomax 3 handheld autorefractor with printer and charger

Bon Optic Retinomax 3 handheld autorefractor

  • World's first wireless, handheld objective autorefractor, with auto-recharging battery operated head and printer and wireless data transfer to the Bon RemoteVision auto optotester.
  • Instant measurement once the corneal dot passes through the alignment mark automatically without pressing a button
  • Automatic detection of the right and left eye
  • Shorter reaching distance of 278mm allows the operator to approach the patient closely, 2.5mm pupil diameter
  • Accurate measurement in only 0.12 second minimising measurement errors caused by patient movement
  • Once entered indentification cannot be changed without keying in a password guarding against theft
  • Wider measurement range
  • Mire Ring and Retro Illumination can be used to check irregularities of the corneal, discover cataracts or other abnormalities
  • Sphere and Cylinder -18D to +23D, Cylinder -12D to +12D in .25D selectable steps; Axis 1 to 180° in 1° steps
  • Improved Xmas tree picture target, continuous, manual, auto and quick measurement mode
  • 2.5mm minimum pupil diameter, mire ring (18 dots) square target, outside alignment mark, up to 83mm PD measurement, 0.0 and one of 12.0, 13.5, 13.75, 15.0 16.0mm vertex distance, 380mm tabletop to eyepoint distance
  • 0.12 sec. refraction measurement per indication
  • Weight: 90 lb
  • Length: 163 mm
  • Width: 226 mm
  • Height: 236 mm