Tonometry and Visual Fields

Visual Fields | Rodenstock Peristat Static Perimeter

Rodenstock Peristat Static Perimeter

Rodenstock Peristat Static Perimeter

  • Static testing
  • Digital eye-tracking
  • RGB bowl illumination
  • Goldman size stimuli
  • Standardised driver test
  • Electronic chin rest

Modern Eye Tracking System

Equipped with a 'state of the art' digital passive eye-tracking system. It records only measurements taken under perfect fixation conditions. Rejected recordings will be automatically repeated. The patient's eye is displayed at any time during the examination for visual control by the examiner. Fixation control using Heijl-Krakau method is also integrated.

Short Examination Time

Due to the fact that the units can take former testing protocols of the same patient into consideration, the examination time can be reduced tremendously. Already known defects will be screened and not necessarily checked through a complete testing routine again. With the automated adaptation to the patient response, the system is able to optimise all time parameters with full result credibility.

Modern Data Handling

The Peristat can be connected individually to a standard PC or Laptop making configuration economical and flexible.

Pupil Measurement

It is possible to measure the pupil diameter at any time even before, after or during the examination.

LED-Technology/Blue on Yellow Test

The system integrates the LED background illumination and provides a standardised blue on yellow test routine, using Goldman V fixation spot size. Kinetic test mode: Stimulus with adjustable size, intensity and speed are moving from the periphery to the centre of measurement bowl.

Static Driving Test

The integrated standard driving test can be modified according to every individual demand in static routine.