Sight Testing and Refraction

Vision Screening | Plusoptix S12 Mobile Screener

  • Plusoptix S12 Mobile Screener
  • Plusoptix S12 Mobile Screener
  • Plusoptix S12 Mobile Screener
  • Plusoptix S12 Mobile Screener

This device provides a 'pass or refer' result only. For sphere, cyl and axis measurements, please see the Plusoptix A12.

The hand-held Plusoptix S12 mobile screener is simple to use, takes less than one second and can be performed by non-medical staff or volunteers with the easy push of a button. Sound attracts attention and captures both eyes with measurements performed automatically and displayed instantly. The non-invasive Plusoptix S12 is ideal for screening infants beginning at age 6 months or non-cooperative patients and those with restricted mobility.

The Plusoptix S12 provides 5 options for referral criteria based on different sensitivity and specificity levels. The results are displayed instantly on the screen and can be saved as a PDF on the included SD memory card. Screener demographics can be imported and exported to run reports.

Application highlight - Transillumination Test, i.e. Red Reflex Testing

Plusoptix cameras can be used for red reflex testing. The advantage compared to using an ophthalmoscope is that pictures can be taken by a nurse, documented on paper and electronically and analyzed unhurriedly. Plusoptix cameras are the only cameras offering this feature.

Plusoptix S12 Mobile Screener

  • Validated measurement technology
  • Immediate and reliable pass/refer screening results
  • Binocular testing of both eyes within 1 second
  • Non-invasive operation from 39 inches away
  • Interface to EMR1
  • Print screening report
  • Print self-adhesive label
  • Maintenance and updates free
  • Eligible for CPT code 99174 (photoscreening)

Plusoptix S12 Screening results

Refraction, pupil sizes and corneal reflexes are measured and compared to age based referral criteria automatically. Referral criteria are:

  • Anisometropia - compares refraction of both eyes
  • Astigmatism - checks corneal irregularities
  • Hyperopia - checks farsightedness
  • Myopia - checks nearsightedness
  • Corneal reflexes - checks symmetric eye alignment
  • Anisocoria - compares pupil sizes of both eyes

If readings are within limits, a "pass" screening result is displayed. If one or more of the readings are outside of limits, a "refer" screening result is displayed. Screening results are displayed on screen immediately after a measurement is completed.