Carleton Optical - Plusoptix A12 Mobile Autorefractor

Sight Testing and Refraction

Autorefractors and Keratometers | Plusoptix A12 Mobile Autorefractor

  • Plusoptix A12 Mobile Autorefractor
  • Plusoptix A12 Mobile Autorefractor
  • Plusoptix A12 Mobile Autorefractor
  • Plusoptix A12 Mobile Autorefractor

The plusoptiX A12 is a battery operated device and can easily be used at different work places.
The device measures both eyes simultaneously and provides reliable measurement values of refraction, pupil diameter and interpupillary distance. With the binocular measurement anisometropia and anisocoria can be detected immediately.
Used in un-dilated pupils, measurements of hyperopia, myopia, astigmatism and anisometropia provide valuable data for a quick vision examination. Results can additionally be used as a starting point for retinoscopy or to confirm retinoscopic results.

The measuring principle is based on eccentric photoretinoscopy. Infrared light is projected through the pupils onto the retina. Depending on the refractive error, the reflected light forms a specific brightness pattern within the pupil. The spherical refraction is calculated based on this crescent pattern. To determine cylinder and axis, the same measurement is repeated in three meridians. The measurement with infrared light is completely innocuous. Infrared light is also contained in daylight and not visible.

Plusoptix A12 Mobile Autorefractor

The measurement from one meter distance is reliable and delegable. Even children with nystagmus and uncooperative patients can be measured in less than one second.
It is possible to measure over glasses and contact lenses.
If a skiascopy in cycloplegia is required, it proceeds faster because of the existing measurement values, especially cylinder and axis. Furthermore, you have a result to compare with.
The entry examination of infants and children in your practice will be substantially simplified with plusoptiX A12.
Because of the fully automated function of both devices, the measurement can easily be performed by an assistant.

Measurement Results

  • Refraction (Sphere, cylinder and axis)
  • Symmetry of corneal reflexes
  • Pupil diameter and pupil distance

Measurement Values

  • Transfer to practice network via WLAN
  • Patient database
  • Screenshot / Measurement results
  • Adhesive label for patient record