Slit Lamps and Ophthalmic Lenses | MediWorks S390L Motorized Focusing Digital Slit Lamp Microscope

  • MediWorks S390L Motorized Focusing Digital Slit Lamp Microscope
  • MediWorks S390L Motorized Focusing Digital Slit Lamp Microscope
  • MediWorks S390L Motorized Focusing Digital Slit Lamp Microscope
  • The worlds first Motorized Focusing System (MFS) gives out the sharpest image only by slightly moving the finger on the mouse roller. It also gives the options of viewing the patient's eye either through microscope eyepieces or from the computer screen.
  • With the most powerful Mediview Image Acquisition and Management System, S390 could video record the observed object during ophthalmic examination with the highest resolution up to 5 Mega pixels.
  • The MediWorks Intelligent Camera System integrates Auto-exposure, Auto-gain, and Auto-white balance together.
  • The excellent MediWorks Remote Diagnosis System makes S390 the best choice for a modern ophthalmic practice.

MediWorks S390L Motorized Focusing Digital Slit Lamp Microscope

Simple Design + Simple Operation

The design was inspired from the shape of firefly. The smart design largely saves space for doctors compared with built-out camera.

We have preset many camera setups so the user does not need to set many parameters before using the device.

The user can operate the machine directly once the installation has been finished.

The device carries following automatic functions for photo shooting and processing when equipped with our MediView software:


Auto Focus/ISO

Auto Exposure

Auto White Balance

Right/Left Eye indicator

Auto Focusing Calibration


Adjustable Aperture

The aperture can be adjusted at 6 different levels to meet different view of depth and brightness



HDMI output

The HDMI output can be used to connect the S390H/S390L slit lamp with monitor.

The doctors can share the live eye examination status simultaneously with patient’s family members or students for teaching purpose.


Easier Installation

Our compact control panel with built-in power supply makes it much easier to install the slit lamp especially when installing the slit lamp on an ophthalmic unit. The users do not need to find place to install the chunky power box.


Quick Capture Button

There is a quick button on the control panel that enables doctors to shoot photos conveniently. Once they observe the suitable photo to describe pathology, just press the capture button and the photo will be recorded.


Coaxial Illuminator

The new LED illuminator is positioned coaxially to the microscope.

It provides an adjustable circular beam of light to enhance the digital capturing effect.


Less Cables with Extra USB Port

When applying the new control panel, there will be less cables exposed outside. Extra USB port is provided to charge other medical device.


Microscope:                     Galilean Type

Magnification Change:     Revolving Drum

Total Magnification:         6X, 10X, 16X, 25X, 40X

Eyepieces:                       12.5X

Angle between Eyepieces:13°

Pupillary Adjustment:       52 mm-78 mm

Diopter Adjustment:        ±6.0 D

Field of View:                   ø34.7 mm(6X), ø22 mm(10X), ø13.5 mm(16X),

                                       ø8.5 mm(25X), ø5.5mm(40X)


Slit Illumination

Slit Width:                      0~14 mm continuous  (slit becomes a circle at 14 mm)

Slit Length:                    0~14 mm continuous

Aperture Diameter:       ø14 mm, ø10 mm, ø5 mm, ø3 mm,  ø2 mm, ø1 mm, ø0.2 mm

Slit Angle:                     0°~180°

Slit Inclination:              5°, 10°, 15°, 20°

Filters:                          Heat-absorbing filter, ND  filter, Red-free filter, Cobalt Blue filter

Lamp:                           6V/20W Halogen Lamp


Digital  Module Specification

Image Sensor:            500 Pixels

Photo Resolution:       2592 X 1944

Format:                      JPEG

Video Resolution:      1280 X 960

Frame of Video:         25 fps

Video Formats:          MP4

Focus Mode:             Auto Focus

Exposure:                 Auto Exposure,Auto Gain

Transmission Interface: Standard USB Port