Diagnostic Imaging | Mediworks DEA520 PRO - Dry Eye Diagnostic + Topographer

  • Mediworks DEA520 PRO - Dry Eye Diagnostic + Topographer
  • Mediworks DEA520 PRO - Dry Eye Diagnostic + Topographer

1 Ring 3 Illuminations 9 Functions

DEA 520 is a multi-purpose corneal topographer that integrates dry eye and corneal topography analysis.

  • Dry Eye Analysis
  • Lens Fitting
  • Cornea Morphology Diagnosis

Mediworks DEA520 PRO - Dry Eye Diagnostic + Topographer

Placido Ring

  • Thousands of measure points - ensure more data available and accurate analysis.
  • Smaller cone design - bigger projection area.
  • 3 Illuminations - white illumination, infrared illumination, cobalt blue illumination.

9 Functions - Dry Eye Diagnosis

  • Non-Invasive Tear Film Breakup Time.
  • Cornea Sodium Fluorescein Staining.
  • Non-Invasive Tear Meniscus Height.
  • Eyelid Margin.
  • Meibomian Glands Function Evaluation.
  • Conjunctival Redness Analysis.
  • Lipid Layer Thickness.


  • Topography Analysis.
  • Pupil & Corneal Diameter Measurement.

Built-in computer

  • Integration design enables maximum treatment room utilization.
  • Dry eye diagnosis and Topography analysis integrated.
  • 10.1″touchscreen, ease of operation.

Doctor-Patient Communication

  • Visualized diagnosis report, easy to understand.
  • External display connection enables real-time observation.

Ergonomic Design

  • Switch illumination and magnification intelligently under various function modes.
  • Compact cone, specially designed for various orbits.
  • 50°adjustable display.
  • Auto OD/OS recognition.

Dry Eye Diagnosis - Make dry eye visualized.

Non-Invasive Breakup Time

  • Interface
  • Comprehensive 7 dry eye examinations.


  • More than 9.6mm diameter Placido ring projection. Auto identify breakup area and analyse NIBUT intelligently.
Built-in CPU:intel   
Hard Disk:1TB   
Image Resolution:2048×1536   
Display:10.1″ touchscreen   
Illumination:White, Infrared, Cobalt-blue   
Internet Connection:WIFI   
Printer Connection:WIFI, USB   
Power Supply:100~240VAC,50/60HZ   
Extension Display Interface:Display Port   
OS/OD Recognition:Automatic   
Chin Rest Control:Electrical   
Left and Right:0~94mm work range   
Front and Back:0~64mm work range   
Up and Down:0~30mm work range   
Language:Chinese / English / Japanese   
Numbers of Rings:50 Rings   
Diameter of Project Area:8.8mm(43D)11mm(43D) 
Radius of Curvature:32.14 dpt~ 61.36 dpt (5.5mm~10.5mm)Accuracy:±0.1 dpt (±0.02mm)
Astigmatism Axis:0~180°   
White To White:6~17mm   
Pupil Diameter:1~13mm   
Topography Function:Sagittal CurvatureTangential CurvatureElevation MapRefractive Power
4 Maps:Four Maps display   
Shape Factor:E, ecc, P, Q   
Zernike:Corneal wavefront aberration, PSF map, MTF curve and Simulated image in different pupil diameters  
Examination Result Comparison:Support 2 results comparison and difference calculation 
NIBUT:Automatic analysis, tear film rupture area and trend, first break-up time and average break-up time  
Tear Meniscus Height:0.01~2mm   
Meibomian Glands:Meibomian glands loss rate and grade  
Lipid Layer:Template match   
Eye Redness:Conjuntival congestion percentage   
Eyelid Margin:Support digital images zoom in   
Ocular Surface:Built-in yellow filter