Sight Testing and Refraction | MediWorks C901 Vision Chart

  • MediWorks C901 Vision Chart
  • MediWorks C901 Vision Chart
  • MediWorks C901 Vision Chart

MediWorks C901 Vision Chart

  • 17 inch LED backlit screen
  • New CNT test, which is more scientific, effective, and directive. CNT curve will be formed and displayed on the screen when the test is finished.
  • Better user experience--- All tests icons are listed on home interface.
  • Quick test list--- Pick ten or less frequently used tests to establish your own quick test list.
  • V style optotype arrangement--- Avoid optotpyes  congested  on the screen.
  • Excellent programming give full play to the features of CPU.

Type: 17 inch XGA Panel with LED backlit screen

Resolution: 1280 x 1024 pixels

Brightness:﹥200 cd/m2 (min)

Chart Optotypes: E, C, Alphabet, Numbers,  Children, Allen pictures (Normal and V type)

Mask type: Change of the background, Single  mask, Horizontal mask, Vertical mask, Red/Green mask, Contrast

Special Chart: ETDRS, Contrast Sensitivity  Test, Contrast Test, Ishihara, Cross Cylinder, Astigmatic Fan Dial, Cross  Grid,  Fixation Spot Test, Stereo Test, Red/Green Panel, Worth Four-Dot Test,  Red/Green Balance, Traffic Light, Horizontal Coincidences, Vertical Coincidences, Schober

Low vision chart (E,C,Alphabet,Numbers, Allen pictures) “V” Style  Optotypes.

Other Functions: Video Playing, Image browsing, Randomization Optotypes Playing, Mirror function, Screen Save function, Standby function.

Visus Unit: Decimal 0.05~2.0

                  Snellen(ft) 20/400~20/10

                  Snellen(m) 6/120~6/3

                  LogMAR -0.3~1.3

                  5-Grade 3.7~5.3

Power Supply: Input 100-240V AC,60/50Hz

Consumption: 20Watt (max)

Remote Control: IR  Remote, 2*AA  Batteries

Working Distance: 2m~7m (in steps of  0.1m) 6ft-24ft (in steps of 0.5ft)

Low vision  chart: 0.6m~1.5m, in step of 0.1m

Packaging: Dimension 540mm x 420mm x 270mm(L/W/H)

                  Net weight 2.5 KG