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Reusable Lenses | Katena Diamond Retina 200 Lens

  • Katena Diamond Retina 200 Lens
  • Katena Diamond Retina 200 Lens

This lens represents a breakthrough in lens optics. The optical design of the lens permits imaging and treatment of the far peripheral retina with less distortion. Expansive field of view to observe and treat the entire retina. Observation of the retina including the ora serrata. An excellent lens for PRP. Image magnification 0.60x, laser spot magnification 1.67x, and a 200° field of view. Katena’s Diamond series of reusable contact lenses feature exceptional optics at an extraordinary value. Each lens features an evaporated diamond-hard coating for scratch resistance as well as an anti-reflective coating. An ultralight aluminium alloy rim with a black “Sure-Grip” ring makes each lens ergonomically friendly. These lenses offer exceptional small pupil performance and low image distortion.

Katena Diamond Retina 200 Lens

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