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HEINE S-FRAME® spectacle frame

The HEINE S-FRAME® is a truly exceptional spectacle frame: virtually all of its parameters can be customized - making it the perfect fit for any head or face shape. It is ultra-light, pleasant to wear and can be combined with all new HR, HRP and HR-C binocular loupes. In the S-Guard version with splash protection goggles the S-Frame can be used with Professional L and Lightweight headbands.

HEINE S-FRAME® spectacle frame

  • Maximum comfort thanks to a modern, ergonomic design. Pleasant spectacles that fit any shape of head or face perfectly for maximum wearer comfort. No pressure points, pinching or slipping of the frame
  • Customizable. Mouldable in all directions, the adjustable temples made from KYNETIUM come with an anti-slip surface. Flexible mouldable and fixable nose piece with silicone overlay for maximum comfort and superlative stability. The nose pads are made from skin-friendly silicone and fit all nose and face shapes. They also prevent the spectacles from slipping.
  • Low weight (24g). Thanks to the use of high-tech materials.
  • State-of-the-art technologies and innovative materials. The carbon frame, S-Frame temples made from aluminium alloy (KYNETIUM) and magnesium result in a light weight while silicone ensures superb elasticity and titanium gives greater resilience.
  • Durable polycarbonate safety glass. The protective lenses offer superlative splash protection, even when combined with a headband. The exchangeable lenses are available in two different sizes. They are scratch-resistant and deliver excellent visual sharpness.
  • Allows the use of prescription lenses. Optional correction frames are also available for prescription lenses. Simple "ClipOn" attachment.
  • Flip-up control for optics. The optics can be easily flipped up and down into the visual axis. The binocular LoupeBracket is compatible with all HR/HRP and HR-C binocular loupes.
  • Extensive accessories. Lenses, cleaning fluid, nose pads, spare parts kit.