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Direct Ophthalmoscopes | Heine BETA® 200S Ophthalmoscope Set

  • Heine BETA® 200S Ophthalmoscope Set
  • Heine BETA® 200S Ophthalmoscope Set
  • Heine BETA® 200S Ophthalmoscope Set
  • Heine BETA® 200S Ophthalmoscope Set
  • Heine BETA® 200S Ophthalmoscope Set

Set complete with BETA200 S LED Ophthalmoscope, BETA200 Streak Retinoscope (3.5 V XHL), 1 x BETA 4 NT rechargeable handle with NT 4 table charger, one spare bulb (3.5 V XHL), hard case.

Heine BETA® 200S Ophthalmoscope Set

  • Unique optical system. HEINE optimizes the Gullstrand principle with aspherical optics (separation of illumination and observation beam).
  • Corneal and iris reflexes are eliminated. A full view is guaranteed even with small pupils.
  • LED for precise illumination and true colour images during funduscopic examinations
  • Exclusive continuous brightness control between 100 % and 3 (patent pending) with one-finger operation.
  • Consistent Light Output & Performance throughout the whole working life of typically 100,000 hours.
  • No need to ever replace bulbs. Maintenance-free for a lifetime.
  • Range of 28 lenses from -36 D to +38 D for 74 single dioptre steps.
  • Features 74 single step design on a non-continuous wheel avoiding extreme diopter jumps (-36D to +38D). Perfect focus even with high refractive errors.
  • 7 apertures with separate red-free filter. Suitable for large as well as small or undilated pupils. Incorporates Cobalt blue filter, fixation star with polar coordinates, large spot, small spot, pinhole, slit, hemispot and red-free filter for improved contrast.
  • “Aspherical Optical System” (AOS) exclusive to HEINE: Eliminates corneal and iris reflexes to provide large, crisp and glare-free fundus images.
  • Recessed, multi-coated viewing window avoids stray light, eliminating distractions.
  • Flush-mounted optical components on a cast aluminium frame, eliminating misalignment and making the instrument shock-resistant.
  • Soft orbital support. Protects the users' glasses and steadies the instrument.
  • Ergonomic shape. Instrument fits the orbita comfortably in any position and blocks out ambient light.
  • Dustproof housing. Maintenance-free
  • Efficiency with the BETA 4 rechargeable handle a longer examination time of approx. 3 x.

Use with:

HEINE BETA® 200 Retinoscope Head
HEINE BETA®200 S LED Ophthalmoscope Head
HEINE® NT4 Table Charger