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Dual Scheimpflug Analyser | Galilei G6 Dual Scheimpflug Analyser

Galilei G6 Dual Scheimpflug Analyser

The Galilei G6 is the most advanced biometry device, empowering cataract surgeons to improve their results even further with a revolutionary concept delivering state of the art biometry in one session and featuring Dual Scheimpflug High Definition Corneal Power, pachymetry and posterior surface maps. the G6 is the platform of choice for next generation lens formulas and future IOL calculations through lens thickness and precise anterior and posterior High Definition Corneal Power Maps. Improve efficiency with an optimized workflow with a more cost and office-space efficient solution by integrating three devices into one as well as reducing realignment errors with measurements being taken in one session. The G6 provides precise placement data for Arcuate and Limbal Relaxing Incisions and Clear Corneal Incisions as well as precise pachymetry data ensuring safety and improving surgical planning. High Definition Elevation and Pachymetry maps allow exact characterization and biomechanical modelling of the cornea for advanced surgical techniques. The patented iris based eye motion compensation allows confidence in follow-up measurements thanks to realignment of maps in 3-D and is ideal to monitor corneal stability and changes in your patients eye without the need to worry about eye motion during examination.

Galilei G6 Dual Scheimpflug Analyser

  • HD Corneal Power Maps
  • Various K-Values
  • Total Corneal Power
  • HD Pachymetry Maps
  • Entire Length Scan
  • IOL Calculation
  • Various Diagnostic Maps and Displays
  • Anterior Chamber Analysis
  • 3-D Premium Biometry
  • All-in-One solution, from Refractive to Cataract Surgery
  • Designed for Femto Cataract
  • Patented Iris-Based Motion Compensation
  • Processor - Intel Core2 Duo 2.5GHz
  • Scheimpflug camera resolution - 2x1280x960
  • Top view camera resolution - 1280x960
  • Placido disc - 20 monochrome rings
  • Speed - 60 images in 1 second
  • Displayed map coverage - 10mm
  • DICOM compatibility - Yes
  • Axial length - 45mm (default 32mm)
  • Lens thickness - 0.5-7mm
  • Corneal radii - 4.5-13.5mm (25-75D)
  • Anterior chamber depth - 1-7mm
  • White-to-White - 6-14mm
  • Pupillometry - 0.5-10mm
  • Interferometric resolution - 5µm
  • Eye length repeatability - +/- 25µm
  • Pachymetry - 250-800µm (+/- 1µm)