Carleton Optical - Galilei G4 Dual Scheimpflug Analyser


Dual Scheimpflug Analyser | Galilei G4 Dual Scheimpflug Analyser

Galilei G4 Dual Scheimpflug Analyser

The Galilei G4 is an all-in-one solution, from refractive to cataract surgery. A modular system that can be upgraded according to your needs - anytime. With 3 new high-definition cameras - 2 Scheimpflug and 1 top view - NEW automatic surface alignment and reduced light intensity for the patient's comfort, it really is the only true solution.

Galilei G4 Dual Scheimpflug Analyser

  • High-precision anterior chamber ray-tracing
  • The new Cone Location and Magnitude Index (CLMIaa) based on anterior axial curvature
  • Ray-tracing for the real posterior surface
  • No need to worry about eye motion during examination
  • Have confidence in your follow-up measurements thanks to realignment of maps in 3-D
  • Ideal to monitor corneal stability and changes in your patient's eye
  • Option to upgrade to optical coherence technology for optical biometry measurements
  • New and advanced mathematical algorithms for greater accuracy and repeatability
  • Innovative calculation method for increased accuracy of peripheral data
  • Redesigned maps with more detail and information
  • Scheimpflug camera resolution - 2x1280x960
  • Top view camera resolution - 1280x960
  • Placido disc - 20 monochrome rings
  • Number of measurement points - up to 100 000
  • Displayed map coverage - 10mm
  • Keratometry - 25-75D (4.5-13.5mm)
  • Central corneal thickness - 250-800µm
  • Keratometry in-vivo repeatability - +/- 0.1D
  • Central corneal thickness in-vivo repeatability - +/- 2µm