Topography | Eye Surface Profiler

  • Eye Surface Profiler
  • Eye Surface Profiler

The cornea sclera topographer

  • Measure up to 20mm diameter of the anterior surface of the eye
  • True topography due to direct measurement of height data
  • More than 250,000 measurement points 

Take your contact lens practice to the next level

  • Create a unique solution for every eye you measure
  • Deliver the most precise, individualized contact lens fit
  • Increase patient retention and grow your practice

Eye Surface Profiler

Why Choose ESP? Choosing the right contact lens is dependent on two elements:

  • The prescription
  • And the fit. 

ESP provides the most comprehensive eye measurement to enable the fit. For contact lenses ‘one-size-fits-all’ is definitely not the case. ESP is the first instrument to measure up to 20mm of the front surface of the eye, covering all of the cornea and a large part of the sclera (conjunctiva). In addition ESP uniquely measures both curvature and sagittal height. This has significant benefits for patients and practitioners:

  • Right first time contact lens fit resulting in a comfortable fit for patients and patient retention for practitioners
  • Ability to comfortably fit even complex lenses such as scleral, toric and Ortho K – with the resulting opportunity to treat more complex eye conditions with higher margin products.
  • Reduced chair time both in terms of the initial fit and fewer refits
  • Personalised made-to-order contact lenses resulting in even higher levels of patient satisfaction