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CrossLinking | CBM Vega Xlink Crosslinking System

CBM Vega Xlink Crosslinking System

CBM Vega Xlink Crosslinking System including, counterbalanced arm, wheeled base, UVA optical system, colour video monitor and control pedal

CBM Vega Xlink Crosslinking System

  • Colour micro-telecamera with LCD monitor integrated within the optical head to capture images of the procedure in real time
  • Narrow LED array for UV light distribution
  • Adjustable iris diaphragm for 4 to 11mm to vary the area to be treated, while maintaining the 3mW/cm2 power density constant
  • Collimation system with intermittent red light LED for accurate focalisation
  • Coaxial green fixation light
  • Balanced arm on wide wheeled base for comfortable use
  • Control pedal
  • Working range 54mm for comfortable manoeuvering
  • Characteristic of UVC source: Single LED for UV-A rays, maximum wavelength: 370nm, width of ray: 8nm
  • Power density of irradiation: 3mW/cm2 (nominal), Accuracy: ±10%
  • Diameter of radiated area: Between 4-11 mm @54mm
  • Collimation system: Couple of red LED
  • Telecamera: Integrated with optic head colour micro-telecamera colour, 5.6 inch
  • Length: 1000 mm
  • Width: 545 mm
  • Height: 1280 mm