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Takagi ST-80 Workstation B

Takagi ST-80 Workstation B for use with single slit lamp with motorised height adjustment of table top, main console

Takagi ST-80 Workstation B

  • Two integrated mechanisms for both automatic and manual sliding as required
  • 500mm slide stroke to provide more legroom and 670~920mm elevation stroke to accommodate all patients, with safety switch
  • Elevation control of patient chair integrated into table control panel, room light relay linked to table sliding action
  • Handheld instruments well, ophthalmoscope charger, spectacle tray, desktop light and LED footlight
  • 40mm wider and 95mm deeper arm resting space
  • Imaging equipment supported, cables for imaging equipment can be secured under the table top
  • Improved chemical resistance for extreme durability
  • Wheelchair adaptable
  • Sliding speed: Variable between 3.8 and 5.4 seconds per lap
  • Slide stroke: 500mm
  • Button beed sound: On or Off
  • Two auxilliary electrical outlets on the main unit and three outlets on the lower part of the accessory stand of a total 500VA
  • Weight: 141 kg
  • Length: 840 mm
  • Width: 1410 mm
  • Height: 1600 mm