Ultrasound | Chongqing Sunkingdom Medical: B-Scan

  • Chongqing Sunkingdom Medical: B-Scan
  • Chongqing Sunkingdom Medical: B-Scan

Unique B-Scan probe technology to ensure every detail and achieve the ultimate clarity.

Present high-quality images with clear tissue and pathological structure

With enhancement function of the vitreous body, leave out no lesions, ensure highly reliable reports

With closed-loop technology, ensure real-time synchronisation of dynamic images and high-accuracy

Chongqing Sunkingdom Medical: B-Scan

Closed-Loop Magnetic-Driven B Ultrasonic Probe

Unique magnetic-driven technology, no noise and low vibration, better operation experience for clinicians and a more comfortable examination experience for patients.

Smooth operation experience

Better ultrasound images for clinical use.

12.1-inch large touch screen

Weight: 3.6kg





SK-3000A - B-Scan 
Scan Mode:Closed-loop Magnetic-driven
Gray Levels: 256
Adjustable Gain: 0-105db
Post-gain Range:0-105db
Depth:40mm, 60mm
Angle of Exploration:53°
Image Freezing:20pcs
Foot-switch: Control Freezing and Release
Resolution:Axial ≤ 0.2mm, Laterial: ≤ 0.4mm
Display Mode: B, B+A
Playback: 150 Frame Playback and Screenshot
SK-3000A Other Parameter 
Computer:Special Embedded System, 12.1-Inch Touch Screen
Image Processing:Contrast, Image Playback, Pseudo Colour Display, Nidus Measurement, Image Marking
Printer Support: SONY Graphic Printer, Regular Printer