Slit Lamp | MediWorks S360 Slit Lamp Microscope (LED)

MediWorks S360 Slit Lamp Microscope (LED)

LED Illumination with less energy consumption and longer lifespan.

Excellent optical quality and stable performance.

MediWorks S360 Slit Lamp Microscope (LED)

  • Classic Galilean type microscope
  • Total magnification ratio: 5360: 6X, 10X, 16X, 25X, 40X
  • Max aperture diameter ø14mm
  • Convergence angle of eyepieces: 13°
  • Excellent stability, available with applanation tonometer, digital camera, CCD, teaching tube, etc
  • Flexible compatibility: It is compatible with input voltage of 6V - 24V (AC or DC)
  • Excellent and reliable
  • Performance: Built-in voltage regulator, overvoltage and over-current protection system prong the life span of the slit lamp
  • The light of S360 remains stable and bright after several long periods of full power tests


Microscope:                          Galilean Type

Magnification Change:          Revolving Drum

Total Magnification:              6X, 10X, 16X, 25X, 40X

Field of View:                        ø34.7mm (6X), ø22mm(10X, ø13.5mm (16X),

                                            ø8.5mm(25X) ,ø5.5mm(40X)


Vertical Movement:               80 mm

Fixation:                               LED


Slit Illumination

Slit Width:                             0~14 mm continuous (slit becomes a circle at 14 mm)

Slit Length:                            0~14 mm continuous

Aperture Diameter:                ø14 mm, ø10 mm, ø5 mm, ø3 mm,

                                             ø2 mm, ø1 mm, ø0.2 mm


Slit Angle:                              0°~180°

Slit Inclination:                       5°, 10°, 15°, 20°

Filters:                                   Heat-absorbing filter, ND filter,

                                             Red-free filter, Cobalt Blue filter

Lamp:                                   3 V/3 W LED Module


Power Supply

Input voltage:                        220 V/110 V±10%

Input frequency:                    50 Hz/60 Hz

Power Consumption:             30 VA (max)

Output voltage:                     Lamp 6 V, Fixation 3 V



Dimension:                            770 mm x 470 mm x 570 mm(L/W/H)

Weight:                                  Gross weight:  26 kg

                                             Net weight:     18 kg