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Introductory Price: Katena Diamond Lens - Range Extension

Introductory Price - £124.00 (Excluding Delivery & VAT)

New to the Katena Diamond Lens Range

• K31-1002 Diamond 3 Mirror: General purpose lens with central optic for viewing the posterior pole and mirrors for viewing/treating the anterior chamber angle, peripheral and arcades regions. Image magnification: 0.93x. Laser spot magnification: 1.08x


• K31-1005 Diamond 4 Mirror: Diagnostic lens with four 64° mirrors for efficient visualization of the angle. Minimal lens manipulation and central optic for viewing the posterior pole. Image Magnification: 0.8x


• K31-1330 Diamond Retina 200: The design of this lens permits the imaging and treatment of the far peripheral retina with less distortion. Expansive field of view and an excellent lens for PRP. Image Magnification: 0.60x. Laser spot magnification: 1.67x. Field of View: 200°