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Glaucoma treatment with MicroPulse laser therapy was the topic of several presentations at the American Glaucoma Society meeting in San Francisco. Among them, Dr Won Kim shared how he successfully treated patients with MicroPulse laser via the Cyclo G6 Laser System after failed tubes and trabs, and Dr Murray Johnstone gave an update about his ongoing research on aqueous outflow system responses to MicroPulse laser. We invite you to learn more about MicroPulse laser therapy for glaucoma treatment at and hashtag#ophthalmology hashtag#ags2019 hashtag#americanglaucomasociety hashtag#ophthalmologist hashtag#iridex hashtag#cyclog6 hashtag#micropulse hashtag#eyehealth hashtag#lasertherapy

Cyclo G6® Glaucoma Laser System with MicroPulse P3™ Glaucoma Device