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Ella Cox, Geoffrey Filmore and Hannah Thomas: 1st year Optometry Students at Plymouth University, win Carleton Optical Award in Conjunction with HEINE.

Ella Cox, Geoffrey Filmore and Hannah Thomas, currently 1st year optometry students at Plymouth University, have been awarded this year's Carleton Optical prize in partnership with HEINE.

HEINE hand-held ophthalmic instruments, with their renowned quality and a five year warranty as standard, are becoming the instrument of choice for growing numbers of optometry students.

Carleton Optical are the proud UK distributers for HEINE products and offer these premier instruments at very affordable prices.

Ella, Geoffrey & Hannah are pictured here with alongside Dr Daniela Oehring, the module lead; the three students received joint highest mark in the 1st year OPT103 Ocular Anatomy and Physiology module, qualifying them for the Carleton Optical & HEINE sponsored prize.

All three students are said to be very pleased with his achievement, which was announced at the 1st and 2nd year prize giving event, where all students who had excelled in a variety of modules were recognised.

Both Carleton Optical & HEINE look forward to rewarding excellence shown by optometry students for many years to come.